eTH Advantage

eTH Advantage

Expert Tutors

Good tutors are absolutely indispensable to ensure high results.

eTH operates with a mission of ‘No Child Left Behind’, tutors are assessed on academic growth demonstrated by students during the period.

We have a structured process to onboard the best teachers from top tier institutions. We look for an ideal mix of strong credentials combined with demonstrable traits like passion for teaching, relationship skills and sensitivity. They are screened for adaptability and patience to be able to calibrate the sessions as per individual student needs.

Our tutors create thoughtfully planned, executed, and assessed instructional opportunities in a productive virtual classroom environment. The tutors monitor the student learning through a variety of informal and formal assessments and offer timely feedback to students. They check for students’ understanding throughout a lesson and adjust instructions based on the feedback. Tutors align assignments given to students with the intended learning outcomes so they are meaningful to students in developing and reinforcing a concept.

eTutorHome has a dedicated team assigned with hiring, supporting, and sustaining tutors. The team extends every possible support to let the tutors focus on students without distractions or administrative overheads.

We offer a great platform to bring best teachers across the globe to make tutoring and learning a great experience for students.



Learning Design

  • 1-to-1 Personalized Lessons
  • Teaching based on students’ pace and requirement
  • Aligned Curriculum
  • Learn anytime from anywhere

State-of-art Technology

We use best in class virtual classroom technology for highly engaging sessions. The core technology offers multitude of features ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Interactive Whiteboard:

Acts as a virtual classroom bringing tutor and student together. It’s simple to use, quick to learn and intuitive. Two way audio and video feature encourages interactivity and helps student bring forth all his queries in a congenial settings.

While teacher can share a wide variety of content to illustrate a concept, the student can ask, chat and share document to get queries resolved. The two way video helps in building a bonding. Cutting edge technology has been designed to accommodate low bandwidths using video/audio compression algorithms.

Replay Recorded Sessions:

You are provided a secure access to video files of all live sessions. Students find it helpful to refer back to video for better understanding of topic, the parents may like to check the quality of teaching.

Supports multiple content formats:

Provides flexibility to share relevant content in any format – document, video, powerpoint or a link to an online resource.


Result Oriented

Every element of our tutoring system is designed with a single objective in mind – Enhance the academic results of students.

Personalized Teaching: 

Out tutors are adept at calibrating the pace and structure of instructions as per the needs of the student. Regular feedbacks help realign their methodology to facilitate better learning. The only true yardstick of tutor success is the academic improvement over the period of engagement.

Aligned Curriculum :

We are abreast with various curriculums. Tutors pick the instructional content as per the curriculum opted by student. Students find it easy to follow and they can put a more concerted efforts at the exams.

Regular Assessment :

Periodic assessment helps tutors measure their own teaching effectiveness through student results. The assessment results helps tutor decide on topics that need to be revisited, ensuring that the fundamental concepts are grasped well before moving on to complex topics.

Progress Tracking :

Results of assessments are recorded and shared with students and parents. For students, it acts as a feedback to identify areas of improvement, while parents find it easy to quantify the improvement.