What are the payment procedures? Are they secure enough?

We are working on this. And shall route your financial transactions through an absolutely secure gateway very soon. Till then, the fund transfers through any Exchange House / your bank, though secure enough, will require you to go through few additional steps.

What is the pricing structure?

We have simple and convenient packages to cater to specific requirements of our clients. You can opt for any of our packages as per your requirement. For the details of our pricing and packages, please contact info@etutorhome.com

What should a student do if he/she needs any help anytime other than his/her scheduled class hour?

You may contact your Academic Coordinator and he will connect you to the teachers who will be available online at that time, to help you out. Please note that in such instances, the teacher might not be your regular subject teacher.

If the parent is not happy with a tutor, what should he/she do? Or What if a parent is not getting desired results from his/her child even after doing sessions with a particular tutor?

If you are not happy with a particular tutor, don’t worry. We have a large pool of competent teachers. We can appoint another tutor for your child.

Will there be any periodic evaluation as is done in school?

Yes, the tutors will take periodic assessments of each and every student as done in school. This will help the coordinators keep track of the progress profile of that particular student.

How will the teacher keep track of a particular student’s progress?

Each student will be assigned a coordinator who along with the respective teacher will be responsible to maintain the progress profile of the student. Moreover, the teacher in conjunction with the coordinator will be updating the parents frequently.

Will these sessions be as interactive as the classroom sessions?

Yes, these sessions are as interactive as the classroom sessions. The tutor and the students both can work on the whiteboard simultaneously. Moreover, the student gets individual attention.

How comfortable will be the students while using the whiteboard?

a FREE Trial Class is done prior to the regular classes beginning which will be addressing the functionalities/usage of the whiteboard

How beneficial is online tuition for the students?

It’s beneficial in the following ways:

Saves time of commuting

Gives the same classroom atmosphere but at the safety and comfort of home

Cheaper than the other versions of tuitions