How it Works

How it works

Live one-to-one tutoring cannot get simpler. It is easy and yet one of the most effective learning methods. Using an interactive whiteboard with audio, video and chat facility, the tutor is virtually with you, explaining the complicated concepts in an easy to understand manner. The Student can chat with the tutor, ask questions, draw, view and share documents – all within the comfort of one’s home. Our tutors conduct a regular assessment of students to help them internalize every concept while sharing the ongoing progress with parents.



  • Tutors can gauge students’ progress and align the teaching style
  • Regular assessments and progress tracking


  • Let’s student clear doubts on the fly
  • Tutor can freely share content to reinforce concepts – videos, presentations, pdf and more


  • customized approach with every student
  • Our tutors tailor the lesson plans to your needs!

Saves Time

  • No time wasted in commuting
  • Saves time searching for tutors


  • Pick the time of your choice
  • Choose the pricing plan that suits your needs


  • Safety within confines of home
  • Easy parental supervision