Online classes score highly among students

29 Dec 2015

Online classes score highly among students 23, 2015

DUBAI Tired of picking up and dropping off your child for after school classes?
A new website offering online tutorial lessons could be just the thing for you., headquartered in Dubai, has 50 teachers from all over the world, offering online classes in 30 subjects in IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE and American curriculum.

Over 100 students in the UAE have registered for these classes, according to Sumana Halder, managing director of the portal.

Lessons in foreign languages and also for competitive exams like SAT, ACT and IELTS are also available. “Charges start from around Dh30 per hour for smaller classes going up to Dh70 -Dh80 per hour for senior IGCSE and American curriculum. There is no registration fee. In fact, for the first class, we give a free tutorial for 30 minutes,” said Halder.

How it works

“All you need is a good internet connection at home, tablet and headphone with mike to get started. Students get a url link to log in for a class. The tutor appears on the screen next to a white board. The teaching method is similar to that in a classroom, the only difference being this is a one-on-one session with the student. Considering our teachers and students are from all over the world, we have co-ordinators to set up a time.”

Saanika Kumar, a grade 9 student at an American school, said she is happy with her online Spanish lessons. “I love it. I have a busy schedule after school and doing an online course helps me save a lot of time.”Another student, Ricky Dawn who is in grade 10 at a British curriculum school, said his scores have improved considerably after taking lessons in Maths and French. “My teachers coach me from India and Morocco, and they are great.”

Rupali Mukherjee, a maths, physics and chemistry teacher for eTutorHome, said: “The advent of new age technology has radically transformed education in the world without affecting its quality. Students save a lot of time and get better attention as the classes are one to one.”

Maria Talts, a Finnish tutor with a Master’s degree in science said: “I have students from all over the world and it is amazing to see the commonality of topics in different curriculums.”
Nidhi Agarwal, an Indian mother of a 10-year-old learning French, considers the teaching platform economical. “I pay Dh35 per hour and there is no place in Dubai that charges less for a French class. The price is a steal and even better I can monitor my child during the session.”

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